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New! — Dr. Ungar's New Book
Your Thyroid Chemistry Doesn't Lie

Distilling his decades' of experience, Dr. Ungar is preparing his latest book, Your Thyroid Chemistry Doesn't Lie. Combining Keith's vast medical knowledge with his proven ability to make even the most complex matters understandable, this book provides all the information you'll need to make important decisions based on the health and wellbeing of your thyroid gland.

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New! — The Balance Your Chemisty Web Site

BalanceYourChemistry.com expands on many of the subjects covered here on theWellnessDoc.com, and provides information on many other topics related to personal health.

Also visit the Balance Your Chemistry Online Store to order tests, nutritional supplements, and more.

Dr. Ungar's Radio Show

For a decade Dr. Ungar talked live on Sunday mornings with listeners on WNIR 100.1 FM. Here are some important topics discussed on the show:

  • The Apex Neuotransmitter Assessment. Click here to download the assessment form - just fill it in and send into Dr. Ungar.
  • What Every Injured Worker Should Know. Written by Dr. Robert K. Nichols, DC., this authoritative volume is a must have for every bookshelf. Click here for information on purchasing the book.

Medical Matters TV Show

Dr. Keith Ungar has teamed up with Time Warner Cable to provide medical information on the Medical Matters program. If you've been to Dr. Ungar's weekly seminars, you know just how informative yet easy to understand, Dr. Ungar is. If you haven't yet experienced one of these seminars, here is your chance to learn more about a wide range of medical areas.

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Health News

It's cold and flu season again. The Wellness Doc has put together the Top 10 Tips for Preventing and Treating the Flu Naturally. Click here to read them.